Effective Case Management: Training for Family Service Workers & Home Visitors

Since Family Service Workers and Home Visitors are the first point of contact for our families, they are often pulled in many different directions. This often results in challenges in doing all of the needed follow-up with families as well as linking the children and families to needed services and resources.

Family Service Workers and Home Visitors play an essential role in your program, especially in the area of case management. They begin by establishing a good working relationship with each parent. Effective work with families starts with an understanding of where parents are and where they want to go. Build connection with families by allowing adequate time for conversation and listening with an open mind. Create a safe environment for parents to share their strengths and open up about areas of challenge. It’s important that there is a system in place to link families to needed services and resources.

We see case management as a process that includes:

  • Establishing a good working relationship with the family
  • Implementing a goal setting process with the family
  • Linking the family to needed services and resources
  • Following up with the family regularly and maintaining good documentation and
  • “Closing the loop” to ensure that the family receives all needed services.

This highly interactive training focuses on effective case management, including a comprehensive follow-up system.  A system that includes “closing the loop” is explored – from making the referral – to ensuring that the client receives the services and that the services met the client’s needs – to documenting it all.  Case management tools as well as interactive case management activities are a part of this training.

A key piece of case management is documentation. As we say, “if it’s not written down, it didn’t happen”. It is vital that all interactions with the families and service providers are documented. Case notes must tell a story – from the initial referral… to all follow-up efforts… to delivery of services.

We utilize a strengths-based model, using each family’s individual strengths to assist them in achieving their goals. Families are the first and most important teachers of their children. They are our partners and play a critical role in their family’s development. Families have expertise about their child and their family.

This practice-based training will include:

  • Key concepts and strategies in case management
  • Successfully managing your caseload
  • Follow-up and connecting families to services
  • Documentation
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Effective planning

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