Successfully Managing Children’s Challenging Behaviors

What do you do when you’ve tried everything to manage children’s challenging behaviors and nothing is effective? Most classrooms today contain children with extreme behavior issues as well as children with diagnosed and undiagnosed special needs.

Early traumatic experiences adversely impact brain development and behavior. Research shows that children who are connected to others in the early years of schooling are much more likely to develop socially, emotionally and academically. Children’s social and emotional functioning in the classroom is a primary indicator of school readiness.

Behaviorally challenging children are also relationship-resistant children. Instead of spending precious time trying to get challenging children under control, we can instead create a compassionate school culture. This strategy employs the natural power of connection between all members as a means of co-regulating behavior and teaching children to self-regulate.

We believe that successful behavior management training is based on shifting teachers’ daily practice from reward and punishment — to teaching, modeling and nurturing relationships within a positive school climate. This training also includes:

  • How to connect with relationship-resistant children, reduce oppositional defiant behavior and increase cooperation and compliance;
  • Learning to “meet children where they are” including specific strategies to reach challenging children in a way that builds trust and connection;
  • Exploring how these connections directly increase the ability to problem-solve, engaging students in interactions that facilitate effective learning.

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Developing Your Plan for Mentor Coaching

What is your program’s plan for Mentor Coaching? The new Head Start Program Performance Standards state that programs must implement a research-based, coordinated coaching strategy for education staff by August 1, 2017.

Mentor coaching is a great opportunity to provide teachers with guidance and support as it pertains to successful teaching strategies. It allows teachers to receive constructive feedback as well as to see effective teaching behaviors through modeling. The feedback and modeling of high quality teacher practices is directly related to the teacher’s mentor coaching goals – which is aligned with the program’s school readiness goals. All of this occurs by the coach first establishing a collaborative partnership with each teacher. This trusting relationship is the foundation that allows for successful mentor coaching.

Practice-Based Coaching is an intentional model of mentor coaching that is centered on teachers having the guidance and support that they need in order to implement high quality teaching practices. The model includes (1) planning goals and action steps, (2) engaging in focused observations and (3) reflecting on & sharing feedback regarding teaching behaviors. Practice-Based Coaching gives teacher the support that they need to go to the next level as it pertains to effective teaching practices.

We offer mentor coaching services (utilizing the Practice-Based Coaching model) in several different ways.

  • On-site training on Mentor Coaching
    • This highly interactive, “how to” training addresses the best practices of mentor coaching, including — coaching models and objectives, key elements of mentor coaching, the change process, the coaching cycle, successful qualities in a coach, and support for coaching.  We also address the Education Coordinator or Mentor Coach’s role in CLASS. This training will include going into classrooms and “practice” the mentor coaching services that were trained on the first day.
  • On-site Mentor Coaching services
    • Our on-site mentor coaching services are a mix of observations and consultation. Services include (1) observing the Education Coordinator/Mentor Coach provide mentor coaching to the teachers, (2) providing feedback to the Education Coordinator/Mentor Coach, (3) modeling mentor coaching for the Education Coordinator/Mentor Coach and (4) providing the Education Coordinator/Mentor Coach with consultation and support.
  • Long-distance Mentor Coaching services
    • We offer mentor coaching services to the Education Coordinator/Mentor Coach or directly to Teachers long distance – via phone and email.  If we conduct mentor coaching services with your Education Coordinator or Mentor Coach, we’ll utilize a “Train the Trainer” model (or in this case, a “Coach the Coach” model) to help them do their best work with teachers. Our services will provide ongoing guidance to your Education Coordinator or Mentor Coach – to give them the tools and support to provide effective coaching services to the Teachers.

Each of the mentor coaching services listed above includes guidance and support that is custom designed to meet the specific needs of your staff. It builds capacity and fosters continuous support. And, finally, it raises CLASS scores.

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