Training Developed For A Specific Audience

Virtual Training now being conducted for most training topics. New topics are also available online.

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The people who are part of your program have specific needs. Their jobs aren’t the same, neither should their training be the same. We have conversations with you. We learn what your targeted needs are and we conduct the training, specialized for your team – maximizing the value of Head Start training to your program.


Essential Elements conducts highly interactive and practice-based training. This type of training enables a better understanding of the material and long-lasting results.

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Head Start

Every director needs a comprehensive overview of key program elements. Our training provides a jump-start for the director and a keen understanding of his/her role.

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Content Area

Our knowledge of Head Start, coupled with our research experience,provides additional ideas regarding content area and helps explain and reinforce compliance needs.

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Policy Council &
Board of Directors

. Your policy council and board of directors can be enormously helpful to you, if they understand their roles and responsibilities.We help them explore areas of effectiveness.

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