Training on: “Time Management & Organizational Skills”

It’s important that your staff have good time management skills as well as good organizational skills. These skills are critical when managing a caseload, linking children and families to needed services, and documenting the work that is done with children and families.

Family Service Workers and Home Visitors are often pulled in many directions and it’s important that they are able to organize their time and prioritize their to-do list. Learning how to not procrastinate and effectively focus on all of the tasks to be accomplished is key.

This highly interactive, on-site training will include:

  • Discovering your personal work & organizational style;
  • Reviewing time management principles & how to organize your time;
  • Developing an accountability plan;
  • Defining healthy boundaries;
  • Learning how to embrace change and apply change management skills at work.

This hands-on training will include practical strategies for the participants to be organized and efficient with their time so that they are able to accomplish everything on their to-do list as well as maintain organized and comprehensive records. As we say, “if it’s not written down, it didn’t happen”.

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