CLASS Training to Increase Your Instructional Support Scores

High CLASS scores in each of the domains are a must in Head Start. High scoring classrooms are a great indicator of positive teacher/child interactions as well as effectively supporting children’s learning and development. This leads to successful CLASS Reviews as well as best practices in the classroom.

Most Head Start programs score lowest in the Instructional Support domain.  This is understandable as some of the indicators within Concept Development, Quality of Feedback and Language Modeling are complex.  We offer hands-on, practice-based CLASS training designed to increase instructional support scores.

Effective CLASS training consists of keeping the teaching staff highly engaged by utilizing a “learning by doing” approach. It’s based on the principles of adult learning, which results in high impact learning. This hands-on strategy allows the teachers to take back the information that they learn in the training and implement it in their classrooms. Adult learning is most effective when the participants can see, feel and experience the information that is being presented.

Our CLASS training includes showing video clips that demonstrate the interactions and teaching strategies that you want your teachers to display. We will take each dimension within Instructional Support and show videos of what it should look like and should not look like. We take time to discuss the video clips and talk about what the teaching staff saw and how they can deliver high scoring behaviors in their classrooms.

Our hands-on training includes specific examples and strategies in terms of the Head Start classroom. The training participants will have many opportunities to see what high-scoring Instructional Support look like. A variety of learning styles will be utilized, such as:

  • Small group activities;
  • Video clips;
  • Practice scoring;
  • Pair and share;
  • Question and answer sessions; and
  • Interactive exercises.

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