Creating Pathways for Economic Mobility

Family economic mobility is a core aspect of Family Well-being, one of the seven Family Outcomes in the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework.

The Head Start Program Performance Standards state that programs must integrate parent and family engagement strategies into all services to “support family well-being” and “address prevalent needs of families” (HSPPS 1302.50). With the uncertainty and many changes surrounding the last year in our society, this support has become even more important, especially in the area of economic well-being.

The health issues of COVID-19 resulted in unemployment, reduced hours, challenging childcare situations, and other related concerns for our Head Start families. The families and children we serve, have faced economic, health and resource challenges prior to the pandemic, now our families confront a variety of additional tough situations. They need the strong and constructive support of their Home Visitors and Family Advocates more than ever.

The Essential Elements training on Economic Mobility will allow your staff to learn how to:

  1. Build capacity to support families who struggle with economic insecurity.
  2. Partner with families to set and achieve goals for financial strength.
  3. Empower their education and to inspire employment advancement.
  4. Locate resources to support further learning and development.

Through the use of the Head Start Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework and other tools specific to Head Start families, the Essential Elements Economic Mobility training can strengthen your program and support your efforts as you work to benefit the children and families that you serve.




A Different Look at Pre-service Professional Development

classroom Pre-service season is fast approaching and here at Essential Elements, we are more than a little excited to be able to offer both in-person and virtual training for all of our training topics. Our trainers are ready to travel or meet with you virtually. We are gearing up for a very busy pre-service professional development season! We have added a few circumstantial topics to our available trainings:

  • Helping Children Feel Safe in Today’s Society: COVID-19 and Racism
  • COVID-19 impact: Strengthening Routines and Procedures as Children Return to the Classroom
  • Partnering with Families to Navigate the Challenges Presented by COVID-19


Many of our clients have identified an increased need for CLASS based training after shutdowns, staff turnover, and virtual learning. As teaching staff and children return to the classroom, there are quite a few new challenges, including within the CLASS framework. How do we continue to offer emotional support with distancing and masks? How do we support student autonomy during meals, without family style meals and the ability to have children set tables or pass out food? With cross contamination guidelines, how do we continue to offer students choice of materials?

We have worked with our clients’ program staff to provide tools and resources to continue to create high quality classrooms and learning environments within state and local restrictions and the CLASS framework. We can frame your training based on management observation and internal or external CLASS scores.

We have also heard from clients that their Family Service Workers and Home Visiting staff have struggled with partnering with families virtually, making an already challenging position much more difficult.

Consider a customized training that addresses both self-care for these amazing providers, and the challenges these professionals are facing in delivering needed services to families and children. Let’s address how to create that “bridge” for families to connect after the last year of restrictions and difficulties.

We at EE are so impressed with all of you who have continued to support Head Start and Early Head Start children and families during these unprecedented circumstances, often while struggling yourselves. Each of you are that touchstone, making a monumental difference in the lives of the children and families you serve.

For a complete list of training topics, please visit our training page.