EHS Training: Baby Steps to School Readiness

School readiness is the first step to ensure that no matter where a child starts, it will not determine how far they can go. How can your high quality infant-toddler classrooms maximize learning? This highly interactive training looks at how Early Head Start programs can unlock children’s potential and provide them with a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

The first three years are critical in a child’s social and cognitive development. Responsive caregiving is the key to providing high quality infant/toddler care. Research shows that infants and toddlers who have been nurtured in caring, individualized environments produce the greatest positive outcomes.

We offer custom designed training will share practical strategies to provide responsive caregiving. We will clarify what school readiness means for programs serving infants and toddlers. Utilizing recent research on brain development and infant-toddler CLASS, caregivers will learn valuable skills to enhance the learning environment. Participants will engage in hands-on activities to strengthen their capacity to provide high quality teacher-child interactions.

This on-site, practice-based training will include:

  • The Early Head Start expectations regarding school readiness for infants and toddlers;
  • Strategies to provide teacher-child interactions that are high quality and based on current brain research;
  • How to design learning environments that promote cognitive development and foster social/emotional skills; and
  • Opportunities to develop an action plan to increase awareness and responsiveness to all children within the classroom.

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Leadership Development Training: Building Strong Leaders at Your Centers

We often hear about leadership development opportunities for Content Area Managers and other staff on your Management Team. We believe that it’s also important to develop the leaders at your centers. The leaders at our centers have daily contact with the children and families and make important programmatic decisions on a regular basis.

It’s important to have strong leaders in place across your program. We need Center Directors to provide leadership for their center…guiding their staff and taking accountability for their center. We need Family Service Workers and Home Visitors to provide our families with excellent customer service – and help them to be engaged in their child’s education and on the road to self-sufficiency. And we need Content Area Managers to ensure that high quality services are being provided effectively and efficiently… and that their content area stays in full compliance.

Leadership Development Training is a great step to building strong leaders. We offer on-site, highly interactive Leadership Development Training that includes topics such as:

  • Leadership versus management;
  • Building a culture of teamwork;
  • Identifying your supervisory style;
  • Professionalism in the workplace;
  • Your role and responsibilities as a leader;
  • Setting expectations and accountability;
  • Identifying ways that staff can support each other as professionals;
  • Giving staff the tools to be successful;
  • Delivering exceptional customer service;
  • A focus on compliance monitoring (always staying “Review-ready”);
  • Going above and beyond in attitude and action.

This custom designed training provides staff with an opportunity to learn about what it takes to be a leader – and it provides them with opportunities to “practice” being a strong leader.

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