Preparation for Federal Monitoring Reviews

How do you demonstrate the effectiveness of your program? How do you put this information in a report that is key to your future? The answer is that you rely on experts – people who prepare reviews and write convincing reports.

Having a successful Federal Monitoring Review is a must! It is evidence that your program is running effectively and efficiently as well as delivering high quality services to children and families. Because Monitoring Reviews are tied to Recompetition, it is critical to have a successful Federal Monitoring Review.

Essential Elements utilizes a proven system to prepare programs for successful Federal Monitoring events (Mock Reviews). Having a full understanding of the aligned monitoring system as well as knowing the most common deficiencies and non-compliances in monitoring reviews, Essential Elements is the perfect partner to work with in preparation for your Federal Monitoring Review.

Let’s discuss the preparation for your Federal Monitoring Review. Please contact us for more information.