Head Start Directors

1-on-1 Training for Head Start Directors

Your job, as director of a Head Start or Early Head Start program, is key to the success of the program. You take on a lot of responsibility. Working with Essential Elements, we’ll help directors make sense of everything. We’ll help relieve some anxiety and give the director a plan – a plan on building a high achieving program!

Responsibilities of a director include:

  • Ensuring the provision of excellent services to children and families
  • Compliance with all federal, state and local regulations
  • Providing great leadership to your staff.

Our training, “Keys to Head Start,” is a 1-on-1, on-site training program that addresses all the responsibilities of a Head Start or Early Head Start Director. We go through each topic thoroughly. These topics include:

  • Head Start Program Performance Standards
  • Content area requirements
  • Creating a “to do” calendar for the year
  • Policy Council & Board of Directors requirements
  • Human resources requirements
  • Family engagement plan
  • Required training topics
  • Community assessment
  • Self-assessment
  • Policies & procedures
  • Written plans
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Head Start support systems
Working with experts to review the responsibilities of a Head Start director is a tremendous help to the director. The training also helps build confidence. Let’s talk about your particular needs. Please contact us for more information.