The Intentional Teacher: Planning for Instruction

There is increased public attention on early childhood education and school readiness. It is essential that teachers are confident in data-driven instruction while maintaining a child-centered environment.  The environment should be one that engages children’s inquiry, creativity and problem-solving skills. We want every child who enters school to have the skills and ability to be successful. As early childhood education professionals, we know what high quality instruction looks like – and that academic preparation is only part of it. We also know that play is valuable to the social-emotional and cognitive health of children.

Here are a few suggestions for engaging children as active participants in the learning process.

  • Organize the classroom environment to promote exploration and hands-on learning.
  • Carefully monitor children’s data to guide planning and instruction.
  • Differentiate instruction for children who are at different levels of understanding.

Discover an integrated instructional approach in which the teacher organizes the learning environment. This allow for children to be immersed in experiences while using strategies that intentionally meet the needs of the group as well as the individuals within the group. This training will help teachers understand the role of individualization while also reflecting on the role of the teacher in play-based experiences.

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