Starting Out Strong: Training for New Content Area Coordinators

Content Area Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that children and families are linked to all needed services in their content area. They are responsible for ensuring that their content area is and stays in full compliance. It’s also critical that they provide great leadership skills and work in collaboration with the other Content Area Coordinators. What should training for New Content Area Coordinators include?

Begin with the basics.  For new Content Area Coordinators, it’s important to begin with the Head Start Program Performance Standards.  Discuss each of the Performance Standards and Reauthorization regulations that the Coordinator is responsible for meeting.  It’s vital that the Coordinator has this information before they begin to create systems in their content area.  Having a working knowledge of the rules and regulations that the Coordinator must meet and adhere to is the foundation of a successful content area.

Establish effective and efficient systems.  Content Area Coordinators are responsible for setting up and maintaining high quality systems in their content area.  Examples of systems include policies and procedures, written plans and an ongoing monitoring system.  Provide the Coordinator with a template and a sample of these items.  This will provide the Coordinator with guidance as they write policies and procedures and create a written plan.  Encourage your Content Area Coordinators to work together on developing these systems to ensure that they are integrated across content areas.

Put support systems in place.    It’s essential for new Content Area Coordinators to have a multitude of support systems at their disposal.  Share the resources that are available to Head Start staff.  There are websites with helpful information that will assist new Coordinators as they navigate their way through the world of Head Start.  It’s important for new Content Area Coordinators to establish good working relationships with the other Content Area Coordinators.  It’s also important to find Content Area Coordinators (in the same content area) in nearby Head Start programs to have as a resource.

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