Getting Ahead of the Game

About 2 weeks ago, we received great news that Head Start received a 1 billion dollar boost in its funding.  While we don’t know a lot of specifics yet, we’ve been told that the monies that were reduced by sequestration will be restored.  We’ve also been told that 500 million dollars of the monies will be for Early Head Start – Child Care partnerships.

Before we receive more information, it’s time to get your ducks in a row.  When the funding opportunities are posted, we’re expecting a short timeline to write the grant application.  We’ve found that there’s a lot you can do now to be in good shape when the grant opportunities are posted. Things to do now to get ahead of the game include:

Investigate potential child care partners.

Talk with center directors of child care centers or family child care providers in your service area.  Tell them about Head Start and share information on Head Start requirements and goals.  Ask similar questions about their child care center.  See if it may be a potential match.

Get a comprehensive Community Assessment.

You will need data that shows why your service area is in high need of services.  You’ll also need data that describes all of the needs of the children and families in your area.

Think about how your program stands out from others.

Brainstorm with your team. Make a list of all the ways that your program provides high quality services – ways that it goes above and beyond.  Ask yourself, and your team, what it is you do that is innovative.

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