Essential Tips: Support for New Head Start Directors & New Content Area Managers

Tip #1:  Take time to build a foundation.

As a new Director of a new Manager, take time to learn the ins and outs of Head Start as it pertains to your new position. For a new Head Start Director, initial training should include topics such as Head Start Performance Standards, Policy Council and Board of Directors requirements and compliance monitoring. For a new Content Area Manager, initial training would include topics such as content area requirements, written plans as well as required staff and parent training topics.

Tip #2:  Establish systems and a visual timeline.

One of the most important things to do as a new Director or a new Manager is to create systems. Policies and procedures as well as an ongoing monitoring system are two essential pieces. In addition, many new Directors and new Managers also find a visual timeline helpful – a document that lists when all required items are due in Head Start. Since there are so many moving parts in Head Start, having this timeline is a key piece of the puzzle.

Tip #3:  Create a network of resources and support.

A wealth of resources at your fingertips and ongoing support are important assets for a new Director or a new Manager. There are many Head Start resources available that provide guidance on key areas. It’s also important to develop an internal and external support system that will assist you in your new position. It is very helpful to have someone with whom you can discuss issues, ask questions and brainstorm.

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