Essential Tips: Engagement + Intention + Learning Success!

We know that the most effective learning is achieved when children are engaged. Engagement occurs when children are involved and energized by what is being presented and when they are active with others as they solve problems together. Equally important is intention on the part of the teacher. Together, these strategies hold the key to positive outcomes in the Approaches to Learning domain. How can we create the best environment for learning success? Invite your staff to follow these three tips:

Tip #1:  Use stories, songs and conversation.

These interactions build language, connections and confidence in young learners.  One-on-one with peers, sharing with the group and having special teacher-child moments all promote learning.  From the repetition of traditional nursery rhymes to higher order questions that require reasoning…language development is an important skill.

Tip #2:  Create focused classroom activities.

Thematic learning can be child-centered in order to foster independence and problem-solving skills.  While following the curriculum is critical, adding imaginative experiences in centers around the room builds innovation and initiative.

Tip #3:  Design opportunities for fun.

Use poetry, cooking and movement to encourage curiosity and infuse every day with joy!  Participating together and contributing to the group can reduce behavior challenges, develop persistence and cultivate community in the classroom.

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