Essential Tips: Creating Impactful Training for Your Staff

Tip #1: Take time to recognize staff accomplishments and program successes

Even though training days are always busy, it’s important to take time to acknowledge successes and achievements in your program – and the role that staff played in it. Also recognize staff’s accomplishments – getting a degree, learning a new skill or reaching a goal. There’s always enough time to recognize the people who are serving our children and families.

Tip #2: Use a combination of training techniques to engage all types of learners.

Since everyone absorbs information differently, it’s critical to present information in a variety of training styles. We find that the most successful technique is a combination – presenting the new information followed by a practical experience. Begin by sharing the information via lecture and a powerpoint presentation. Follow it up with a high level of interaction – lively discussion and hands-on activities for participants to “experience” the new information and put it into practice.

Tip #3: Follow up pre-service training with regular training opportunities throughout the year.

People take in new information a little at a time. Instead of presenting a lot of new information at once, create multiple training opportunities for staff. Create a comprehensive, layered plan to provide training to staff throughout the year – once a month if you can. Lay a foundation of learning and then build on it – a little at a time.

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