Training for Teaching Staff: Engaging Learners through Intentional Teaching

Effective learning is achieved when children are fully engaged. This occurs when children are actively involved and energized by what is being presented. The classroom environment should be one that captures children’s inquiry, promotes creativity and encourages problem-solving skills. Equally important is the intention on the part of the teacher.  Together, these strategies hold the key to successful learning for children.

Intentional teaching is always thinking about what you are doing and how it will foster children’s development.  In everything that teachers plan and implement in the Head Start and Early Head Start classroom, it’s essential that they are highly intentional. That is, they need to work with children’s outcomes in mind and seek out every opportunity to help children progress on their road to school readiness. This is accomplished through the learning experiences that teachers plan, the ways they interact with children and how teachers individualize for all children.

We believe that children need playful learning and meaningful play. It’s important that teachers intentionally integrate learning opportunities throughout the daily schedule. Intentional planning is the cornerstone to engaging interactions.

This highly interactive training will address how to teach with intentionality, including strategies to:

  • Be highly responsive to children and intentionally build relationships;
  • Integrate instructional interactions throughout the classroom centers and routines;
  • Match content with children’s developmental levels and emerging abilities;
  • Organize the classroom environment and closely monitor children’s experiences;
  • Maximize learning time through carefully planned transitions and routines; and
  • Use effective teaching strategies throughout the school day that keep the children fully engaged.

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