Ready, Set, Coach!

We know from research that it isn’t enough to just put new knowledge or techniques in the hands of teachers. They need support to turn those new ideas into practice. This is why so many programs have made mentor coaching a central component of their professional development effort.

Mentor coaches have many roles and responsibilities and use various approaches including on-site, long-distance and an integrated method. All of these approaches help teachers do their best work with children. In order for coaching to improve teacher practice and student achievement, here are a few considerations:

  • Coaches must develop trusting, collaborative relationships with teachers.
  • Professional goals should be tailored to needs identified by teachers.
  • The approach to learning should be collaborative and inquiry-based.
  • Feedback should be content-specific in order to sustain partnerships.
  • The coaches’ role must remain supportive, not evaluative.

Mentor coaching should include activities such as:

  • Creating, implementing and reviewing goals for teachers to achieve through the mentor coaching process;
  • Observing teachers and providing feedback;
  • Sending video clips to teachers to review along with guided questions to answer;
  • Discussing the video clips and activities with teachers;
  • Providing the teachers with ongoing consultation and support.

Are you interested in a strengths-based approach to support teachers in becoming more effective in their interactions to improve children’s outcomes? Our mentor coaching services are based on the principles of practice-based coaching. We also offer a “Train the Trainer” approach by working with your Education Coordinator or other Management staff – to give them the tools and support to provide effective mentor coaching services to teachers.

Contact us at (704) 451-3255 or email us at to discuss your mentor coaching needs. Our mentor coaching services provides teachers with the guidance and support that they need to implement best practices as it pertains to teaching as well as high CLASS scores.