Mentor Coaching Training: The Building Blocks of Effective Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching is an important piece of professional development and has become a foundational element in Head Start and Early Head Start programs.  Mentor Coaching is ongoing, grounded in classroom practice, individualized, reflective and intensive.  It provides teachers with an opportunity to self-reflect, set goals, receive feedback and improve their craft.  Effective mentor coaching impacts teacher practice and improves outcomes for children.

We offer highly interactive & practice-based Mentor Coaching training.  It addresses the best practices of Mentor Coaching, including how Mentor Coaching works, coaching models, what good coaches do as well as resources & tools for Mentor Coaching.  Our Mentor Coaching training and Mentor Coaching services are based on the Practice-Based Coaching model.  This model includes (1) planning goals and action steps, (2) engaging in focused observations and (3) reflecting on & sharing feedback regarding teaching behaviors.

The Mentor Coaching training includes topics, such as:

  • Strategies to establish a collaborative partnership;
  • Coaching versus evaluating (coach vs. supervisor);
  • Finding the time to coach;
  • Coaching models;
  • The coaching cycle;
  • How to affect change through the mentor coaching process;
  • Adult learning principles;
  • How to share feedback effectively.

Our training also includes going into classrooms and “practicing” the Mentor Coaching services that were trained on the first day.  This day of practice coaching will include observations, reflection and feedback.

In addition to Mentor Coaching training, we also offer On-site Mentor Coaching Services as well as Long-distance Mentor Coaching Services.  We will custom design a Mentor Coaching plan for your program.

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