Working Together to Promote Nutrition & Physical Activities in the Classroom & at Home

Teaching staff play an important role in establishing the foundation of wellness for young children and their families. Since teaching staff collect data on children’s progress and make decisions based on that data, it’s important to look at the nutrition, health and safety needs of our children.

It’s essential to examine the challenges that teachers face regarding wellness and learning… and to discover creative & exciting ways of implementing good health practices that support our children’s path to school readiness. As we know, children’s basic health and nutrition needs must be met before they can begin learning.  Building a foundation of wellness (health, nutrition & physical activity) is one of the critical elements of school readiness.

This highly interactive training will provide teaching staff with a strong understanding of wellness concepts as well as fun ways of implementing each of these concepts in their classroom.

This hands-on training will include:

  • Understanding the important contributions of health, nutrition and safety to children’s learning and well-being;
  • Implementing and modeling appropriate health & nutrition wellness practices;
  • Fostering interactive play to support learning as it pertains to nutrition and physical activities in the classroom;
  • Strategies to partner with children and families to promote wellness in young children.

We invite you for a fun-filled interactive day as we explore one or more of the following:

  • Chef Kid: Cooking with Children to Encourage Positive Food Choices;
  • Healthy Hearts for Head Start: Developing Healthy Hearts and Minds Through Movement;
  • Mouthwatering Morsels in Books: Connecting Literacy and Nutrition.

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