Tips for Preparing for a Successful Federal Monitoring Review

Tip #1:  Have a comprehensive ongoing monitoring system in place.

The system should include an ongoing monitoring tool, calendar and procedure. Also be sure that your ongoing monitoring system includes a way to document the non-compliances that are found – and that they’re corrected in a timely manner.

Tip #2:  The Board of Directors & Policy Council articulate their roles and responsibilities.

The Board of Directors understands their increased role – that they have fiscal and legal responsibility for the program. During the interviews, your Board and Policy Council talk about the (1) training they received; (2) monthly reports they receive; and (3) items that they review and approve.

Tip #3:  Have a system in place for everything.

Reviewers are looking for systems and want to hear you and your staff talk about the systems that you have in place in your program. Answer their questions by describing the systems that are in place (i.e. First we do this, then we do that, etc…), showing that the same thing is done for all children and families.

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