A Good Community Assessment is Essential

A comprehensive Community Assessment is one of the foundational elements of your Head Start program. It is used to make important decisions about your program regarding program design and service delivery. It is a critical document when writing your 5-year grant application, when writing a Recompetition grant application and when making decisions about selection criteria, enrollment slots, and types of services needed by children and families. It’s an essential document used for data-driven decision making and must include all needed data. Once you have a complete picture of the current conditions in your service area, you and your team can plan and make the right decisions for your Head Start program.

We create comprehensive Community Assessments that include all of the required items in the Head Start Program Performance Standards as well as any additional data that you request.

Our Community Assessments include:

  • Aggregating and analyzing a multitude of data sources;
  • Comparing current data with past years’ data;
  • Colorful graphs and charts illustrating the data;
  • Key findings for each piece of data;
  • Highlights & considerations for each major section;
  • Survey results of your Staff, Parents, Board of Directors and Community Partners.

Your Community Assessment will include an analysis of the data as well as an Executive Summary & much more. Our Community Assessments are user-friendly so that you can find needed information quickly. We include a combination of graphs and charts as well as descriptions of the data. With each graph or chart, we place a “Key Finding” under it that describes the data. After each major section, we include a “Highlights and Considerations” section that summarizes the key information.

Are you looking for a Full Community Assessment that will provide you with all of the data that you need to make critical programmatic decisions? We can take this off your to-do list and create it for you. Give us a call today at (704) 451-3255 or email us at kristinecortina@hsessentials.com.